Why 21st Century

We maintain a small teacher to student ratio by capping our class sizes at 20 in grades 4K through fourth grade, and 25 in grades fifth through eight.

Our school day begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 3:45 p.m.  The longer school day enables students to receive more instructional minutes in the core subject areas as well as special classes such as music, physical education, art, and STEM.  We also have a mandatory, three-week summer school session to prevent the summer slide in learning that can occur with a traditional school year.  During summer school, students receive reading and math instruction in the mornings.  In the afternoon, students in kindergarten through fourth grade can select two camps of their choice.  Some camps this past year included Camp Invention, hip hop, dance, cooking, nature, sports, and LEGOs.  In fifth through seventh grade, students participate in field trips and college visits. Seventh graders may apply for the Youth Opportunities Unlimited program.  Students volunteer in the community and work with the Racine County Workforce Development Center.  At the conclusion of the program, students participate in a symposium during which they share their experiences.

We now have a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) specialist.  Using LEGOs and other hands-on materials, students will have the opportunity to use critical thinking skills at the earliest levels.  In fifth through eighth grade, the science curriculum will be infused with STEM lessons.

Four times a year, our school participates in schoolwide learning days,known as Encore Days, centered around a theme.  The goal is to build community while promoting deeper understanding of topics at each grade level.  The Encore Days include Science, Service Learning, Global Awareness, and History.  Another way community is encouraged is through our morning rituals.  In 4K through kindergarten, students watch the morning announcements which is filmed by a team of students. The morning announcents include the daily lunch, weather, birthdays, joke of the day, and a character trait review.  In fifth through eighth graders, students gather in the theater for Morning Meeting.  The Morning Meetings are led by the teachers and students and center around a monthly theme, such as women's history or global learning.

Since we are a public charter school, we follow the requirements for teacher certification as set by the Wisconsin Department of Instruction.  Teachers must continue their education and complete Professional Development Plans in order to stay certified.  Additionally, our teachers follow the state Educator Effectiveness System to ensure quality teaching.

Children with physical, emotional, behavioral, sensory, and/or learning disabilities may need special education services and accommodations.  As an independent charter school, 21st Century Preparatory School must provide the fundamentals of special education as defined in federal and state law.  Special education services are provide within a model of full inclusion.

For students who require additional academic challenge, we offer Gifted and Talented services as required by state statute 121.02(1)(t).  Students are tested each spring, and a differentiated education plan is created for each student.  Please click here for additional information about Gifted and Talented programming.  

We offer a variety of free after school enrichment programs including Math Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, Creative Kids Club, Camp Invention, and Gateway Sumobots.  Additionally, students can join reading enrichment programs such as Battle of the Books and the Racine-Kenosha English Festival.  In fifth through eighth grade, girls and boys can join the basketball team.  Girls can also join a dance team.

Our school was named as one of 10 schools in the state of Wisconsin to be selected to participate in Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APTT).  This family engagement model encourages collaboration between classroom teachers and parents. Together, teachers and parents analyze student achievement data and set instructional goals.  Then, the teachers share methods and materials so the parents can work with their children at home to reach the goals.  This year, kindergarten and sixth grade will be piloting the program.  

The School collaborates with University of Wisconsin Parkside in staff development; Carthage College, Gateway Technical College, University of Wisconsin Whitewater and University of Wisconsin Parkside in career development; and the United Way Advancing Family Asset Program and Focus on Community (FAST) for parent support, YMCA for student leadership programming, and Racine Community Foundation for our summer school programming.