The 21st Century Preparatory School provides free, quality tutoring as an additional intervention for our struggling students. As a part of our RtI (Response to Intervention) program, funded by Title I, students may receive tutoring services as deemed necessary by their test scores and/or teacher recommendation for additional help.

The curriculum will align with the Common Core Standards and will be based on STAR test results.  Students referred for tutoring will be assigned a group that has similar academic needs.  Tuesday will be the designated day for math instruction and Thursday will be for reading instruction. 

Attendance will be monitored and considered when making a determination as to a student’s eligibility for tutoring services.  Two unexcused absences and/or two late pick-ups will be a reason for removing a student from the program. Students may also be asked to discontinue based on behavior issues. Should we have more students than spots available, we will develop a waiting list. If an opening arises for any reason, a student from the waiting list will be entered in the program.