STEM / Technology

We now have a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) specialist.  Using LEGOs and other hands-on materials, students will have the opportunity to use critical thinking skills at the earliest levels.  In fifth through eighth grade, the science curriculum will be infused with STEM lessons.

Erica Richards

Education is a tool because it teaches us many things about ourselves and the world around us. From an early age we enter the school system and our initial thoughts are that school is a fun place to be. As we move up the grade levels our thoughts begin to change and we see that without education we have limited options in the career world. In order to succeed in this world people need to have an educational foundation. This foundation that we see in many first world countries is what allows us to be called a developed country versus a developing country. My personal philosophy of education is founded on trust, responsibility, and success.

The world of education would not be possible if it were not for past, present, and future teachers. As a future teacher I understand and know from personal experience that students need to trust their teachers to guide them down the learning path. One very important aspect of education is to never give up on a student and always be there for them. When a student sees that the teacher has their best interests at heart that is when they will shine and develop a trusting bond. Children rely on teachers as a guide and support system to help them do well in the classroom. When I was a second semester senior in high school I was going through some health problems that prevented me from attending full days of school. My sociology teacher was the reason I made it through. He made sure that all my teachers gave me what I needed to ensure that I would graduate that June. He saw what I was capable of and what I had accomplished and did not think it would be right if he did not help me out. Without his help I would not be where I am today, and I am very thankful to have had such a wonderful teacher. From that experience my fate was sealed to become a teacher, and to become the kind of teacher I aspire to be. Trust and faith go a long way with children, and ultimately are the factors that lead to success.