Social Studies/Science Integrated Reading (SSIR)

Social studies and science themes will drive reading instruction.  Teachers will use picture books, novels, primary sources, non-fiction text, and articles at varying levels to meet the students' needs.  In kindergarten through fourth grade, science topics will also be included in the integrated block.  This interdisciplinary approach will enable the students to read more nonfiction, which is a shift required in the Common Core English/Language Arts Standards.  It will also encourage the students to delve deeper into the content, leading to a better understanding of key social studies and science concepts.

Students in kindergarten through second grade will be taught using the Houghton Mifflin Journeys curriculum. This curriculum uses authentic texts to anchor core instruction. It empowers students to read texts that are rigorous. Students build confidence as they are taught fluency and decoding skills. 

Students in third grade through eighth grade will be taught using EL Education's Language Arts curriculum. This curriculum is a standards-based literacy program that engages students through the use of real-world content. Language Arts units revolved around both STEM and social studies topics. While students are broadening their knowledge about the world, they are also developing their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. 


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