Seventh-Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade Parent Orientation Presentation                                                                 

Eighth Grade Promotion Requirements Letter

Karl Mueller


My name is Karl Mueller, and I am your child's new English and Social Studies teacher. This is my first year of teaching at 21st Century Preparatory School. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater in 2013. I majored in History and minored in English. I then became a substitute teacher for multiple school districts all over Southeastern Wisconsin. I went back to school at Wisconsin Lutheran College in 2015 and received my teaching license in January of 2017. I currently live in Mukwonago with my three dogs Penny, Walter and Winnie. When I am not teaching I am typically exercising, trapshooting, fishing, or exploring museums and the Milwaukee County Zoo. I am very excited to have your son/daughter in my class this school year.

My philosophy on teaching is that all students deserve to have a world class teaching regardless of upbringing. I also believe that every student learns differently and that if a teacher wishes to be successful he or she must be able to teach to students individual intelligence's. Finally, I truly believe the best way for a student to learn is by having a long lasting relationship with the teacher. By creating bonds both the student and teacher are able to learn from each other.


Jamian Knuth

In a most recent teaching position, I attended a conference called No Teacher Left Inside and the idea was presented that “The greatest endeavor that needs to be addressed to our students is the loss of connections between our kids and nature,” to further that idea, connections to the environment are critical for survival and it is time to teach people to question and interact as a community.  Moreover, the loss of community is a loss of environmental consciousness or basic human connections. To address this issue, I have taught all common core curricular goals in an attempt to create these needed connections.  

Consequently, I have implemented community based service learning projects with continued success.  Some recognition from these endeavors include “Teacher of the Year/Appreciation” from Barnes and Noble, four articles in the Racine Journal Times, the cover of the December 2012 edition of the Racine Mirror, a first place national finish in the America in Bloom contest with Alderman Kaprelian-Becker, and a proclamation from Mayor John Dickert of “Ambassadors to Racine.”  The community based service learning projects become a paradigm shift, where the audience is no longer just the teacher, but each other and the community as a whole.  Many of the projects are open ended integrating threads in all common core curricular goals, but these projects become more important than a “hands on project,” they become real world experiences, having educational impact within the students’ personal lives to the world they live in.  Students become immersed in their everyday world striving to use critical thinking skills that foster problem solvers and solution finders. This personal pedagogy of a theory practice relationship infused within common core creates a foundation of a philosophy of teaching.

One of the pivotal axioms in education is that all students can learn; however, when students are on such differing levels of mastery in a classroom all students must start at their appropriate level and work their way up regardless of their beginning point.  To this end, I have initiated a professional development plan of focusing in on the needs of every student by creating an individual education plan/learning profile for the entire population of students in the classroom.  The purpose of an individual education plan allows for data driven instruction that is tailored towards the goal of differentiation.  Within each education plan is a tailored focus of differentiation on literacy skills and the formation of a love of learning, specifically a love of reading.   

In the avenue of classroom community building and forming connections within the classroom, I promote the formation of a classroom culture which progresses into learning about each other, which becomes just as important as learning with each other. The purpose of this is to empower the individuals in the classroom to take risks and celebrate success.  The implementation of classroom community building coupled with individual learning plans, have added significantly to a positive classroom environment that teaches to the “whole child.”   

The teacher’s role is also to maintain a classroom within a safe environment that values complete equality, cultivates critical thinking, challenges the individuals, develops leadership skills, and allows the freedom of individual expression.  I humbly believe that I am a thoughtful, mature, motivated, professional, and compassionate individual who is willing to instruct, and in turn learn through an ever changing philosophy of teaching.  


Karla Stoffel

This is my fourth year teaching at 21st Century Preparatory School, and I will be teaching 7th and 8th grade mathematics.  I believe that teachers hold a unique and invaluable responsibility within society.  As a teacher, I believe that it is my duty to inspire students to learn both in the classroom and beyond, and to teach skills that will help my students be successful throughout life.  Mathematics education is about so much more than numbers and formulas, it is about developing students into information analyzers, creators, problem solvers, and critical thinkers.  

As a seventh and eighth grade teacher, I hope to capture the natural abundance of energy and curiosity that my students possess and harness these characteristics to inspire learning and help my students find success.  Each student is unique and each student has an endless potential.  Through encouragement and differentiated instruction, I am dedicated to helping and challenging each student to maximize this potential.

With an open mind, a smile on my face, and a genuine passion for what I do, I strive to create a learning environment that is sensitive to student needs and desires and that provides students the opportunity to actively participate in the learning process.  Laughter, encouragement, and energy will accompany the lessons I teach to ensure that my classroom is a place in which all students feel valued as individuals capable of boundless successes.


Brandon Page

Hello, my name is Brandon Page and I am entering my 13th year at 21st Century Preparatory School.  It is truly an honor to continue at 21st Century Prep and I am looking forward to the upcoming 2017-2018 school year as the College and Career Readiness Coordinator.

I was born in Lake City, Iowa and would have most likely followed in the agricultural footsteps of my family, but my father took a new position in his job and we relocated to Racine in 1982. In school, I was always interested in what we were studying and during 7th grade, I had a teacher that opened my eyes to history.  He taught in a way that made me think more critically about what we were learning and taught me at an early age to focus more on asking a proper question than try to find a right answer.

Upon graduation from high school, I left Racine and attended UW-Whitewater.  During college, I did my best to become involved with the community and joined Latinos Unidos, wrote for a campus newsletter, played intramural sports, and helped start a program to bring inner-city youth to campus so they could experience what college life was like.  I graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Education, specializing in History and English Writing.

After I graduated, I spent seven years teaching middle school students in various subjects, with most of my time in the core subjects of social studies and math.  At the conclusion of my seventh year, I was given an opportunity to enter administration as the Dean of Students.  I gladly accepted the offer and moved into working on behavior systems and discipline for the school.  I also took on athletic director duties and community programming.  I then took a position as a Middle School Principal and continued to help the school community by working with teachers to best engage students inside and outside of the classroom.  It was a satisfying role, but my true passion in education lies in working directly with students and I am happy to be back in a role that allows me to do so.  

Parents are obviously a vital part of their child’s education and I have always enjoyed working with families.  Education is about establishing communities and working together to ensure students get the best out of their school year.  I am always here to help and want the education at 21st Century Prep. School to be the best there is. The upcoming school year will be fun, challenging, and I’m looking forward to the experiences that are ahead!


Sarah Todd

I am a lifelong learner, seeking to grow in my knowledge and professionalism year to year.  I have had the pleasure of teaching in several different schools from CA, TX, WI and even in Papua New Guinea.  Through these opportunities, I bring a unique life experience to the classroom and believe that all students can learn and succeed.

Education and science are some of my passions.  I enjoy designing hands on learning activities and labs to assist students in further understanding of science concepts.  Also, I have found that using technology and outside resources is a necessity to reach all learners.

I believe that as technology brings the world closer it is crucial to prepare students for a job in their community commensurate with their interests and skills. It is also important to prepare them to be a good citizen of their broader world. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly necessary to excite students about science and engineering (STEM) and broaden their horizons about what science encompasses.

Finally, I know that America’s longtime leadership in the world will only continue as we continue to provide top quality education for the next generation’s leaders.