Second Grade

Melissa Castona

My name is Melissa Castona and I have been teaching at 21st Century Preparatory School for the past four years as a 2nd grade teacher. As I have grown over the years as an educator, I continuously believe in each and every individual to follow their educational path to success.

When I was in seventh grade for career day, I immediately knew where I wanted to go.  I chose teaching at an early age because I am fortunate enough to have had many educators that inspired me to do the best that I can in life, and to constantly challenge myself and others. I too wanted to be someone that students can come back to and know that they were more than just a student in a class to me, but someone I truly believed in and that could conquer anything they put their mind to.

In my classroom, I will promise to provide a safe and welcoming environment to ensure the success of each child on their educational path.  I truly feel that every class that comes through I will do my best to make it one of a kind.  I believe that children should be engaged in their own learning and I will never give up on any individual.  

I feel that it is my job and passion as a teacher to interact positively with children and families to promote a great sense of community in the classroom.  I see each class not just as a whole, but individuals that all learn, react, play and grow in diverse ways.  I believe by doing this our future generations will be fully prepared for the world and all of their adventures they will feel confident conquering.


Erin Johnson

I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I received my Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I have been teaching for going on 8 years and am entering my fourth year at 21st Century Preparatory School.


I currently live in Franksville with my husband and our two sons, Caleb who is at 21st Century Prep in 4K and Jace who is under a year old.


I believe in the importance of individuality especially in children and my teaching style. I view children as persons who learn and grow together, but in their own unique ways. I do my best, as a teacher, to help mold those various personalities and learning styles into successful rising stars. A safe positive environment plays a large role in molding small individuals as well as a firm foundation. Children in my classroom not only participate in their learning in and outside of the room, but help in establishing rules, guidelines, and responsibilities to which they are held to the entire school year. Responsibility and citizenship are huge at a young age because they prepare children for the real world. I strive for my students to ultimately feel comfortable and confident while learning so they are capable of taking on whatever may come next.


Courtney Jaskowiak

I am thrilled to begin another year teaching at 21st Century Preparatory School in second grade! This will be my second year teaching at 21st Century as a second grade teacher. In December 2015, I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from UW-Platteville.  From there, I substitute taught at several Wisconsin elementary schools and later taught four-year-old children at an early childhood center.  


I believe teaching is one of the most rewarding professions.  It is amazing how much of an impact a teacher can make on each child. Being an educator requires passion, dedication, and energy.  Through passion and dedication, I plan lessons that are student-centered and differentiated to meet each students needs.  It is one of my priorities to provide my students with a safe, welcoming environment so they can learn and thrive to their best ability throughout the year.


Lastly, I believe every student is unique, and therefore it is my job as an educator to take time and effort to find strategies that work for each child. Being adaptable and flexible in my teaching is something that I use to benefit each child’s learning. During my college career, one of my professor’s mentioned a quote that has stuck with me throughout my teaching journey which states, “If a child cannot learn by the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn” -Ignacio Estrada.


Welcome families to second grade! We are very excited to begin our year working with addition and subtraction, structure of writing stories with beginning, middle and end as well as fun and engaging science and social studies projects!

You will be seeing homework coming home throughout the school year.  You can look for Reading homework on Mondays and it will be due back to the classroom by Friday (Thursday if there is no school). You can look for Math homework on Tuesdays and Thursdays and can be returned to the classroom the next day. Each time students bring back their homework they will be earning a sticker.  Once 12 stickers are reached, they will receive a prize!

For the reading log, as a second grade team we would like this returned daily with the title of the book, date and signature. This will be done Monday - Thursday (We will not be sending books or homework over the weekend).

We look forward to meeting all of the families and creating a wonderful community in the second grade! If you have any questions, comments or would like to volunteer just let us know!

-Mrs. Castona, Ms. Matthews and Ms. Jaskowiak