Amy Baer

I believe that Kindergarten sets up the foundation for life long success as a learner.  All children have the ability to excel in learning as long as they have a solid foundation to build upon.  This foundation is set up by building a strong classroom community that consists of teachers, families, and students working together.  In the classroom, I believe each child learns differently and I strive to use their strengths to give them the confidence to be successful every day.  At home, I believe parents are their child’s primary educator and I will work diligently to make sure parents have the tools necessary to support their child’s growth at home.  

Jennifer Everett

I believe my role as a teacher is to provide the students with guidance and give them the tools necessary to develop to their fullest potential. My job is to plan lessons and activities that teach the students not only about them but the world around them. I will provide a welcoming environment where students can feel safe and respected. It is a place where they can learn from one another, and the diversity in the classroom is looked at with an open mind. We see similarities as something good, but differences as something better. One aspect of diversity is the way children learn. Every student learns differently and I will create lessons that challenge these differences while also giving them opportunities to learn and succeed.

I believe students can learn, and want to learn. Students should be supported by teachers with high expectations. They need meaningful lessons that build on prior knowledge and make connections with their personal experiences. Students should be open to new ideas, and other people’s perspectives. Students should work together, share their knowledge, and interact together as they learn. The diversity of the student’s opinions, knowledge, and experiences will help each other learn and grow far beyond what I can teach alone.

Debbie Schmidt

My philosophy of education starts with the belief that all children can learn.  They need a safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment in which to learn.   Students must feel comfortable taking risks and know that it is okay to make mistakes.  Mistakes are how we all learn.  The atmosphere of my classroom is one where there is mutual respect and a sharing of ideas between students and the teacher. 

Every child who enters my classroom comes with their own story and life experiences.  A child’s background may affect his prior knowledge, point of view, or learning style.  This is why I believe it is important to form a relationship with my students and their families.  This relationship will guide my instruction so that I can best meet the needs of all of my students. 

I believe children are innately curious about our world and as a teacher I need to use that curiosity to teach my students more about our world.   It is important to tap into their curiosity and find out what they are interested in.  The interest of my students will also guide my instruction. 

Lastly, I believe learning should be fun! Yes, learning requires work, persistence, and determination, but it should also be fun.  My classroom is a place where every child is welcome and will be challenged.