Fourth Grade

Chris Leach

I believe that every child can learn. Our job as teachers  is to help each student to achieve their best. We can help the student to find the way they learn best, and encourage them to continuously pursue their education. I try to incorporate many teaching styles and methods into each of my lessons to encourage interest and enthusiasm in my students. My goal for each of my students is for them to want to continue their learning after they leave my class. The greatest complement a teacher can receive from a student is their continuing curiosity and interest in learning new things.

Kathy Schattschneider

How I see myself living out the philosophy of 21st Century Prep School Community through my teaching…

I believe that every child possesses the ability to learn.  All children learn in different ways and by different styles, but all can grow as a learner.  I believe that as a teacher I am a role model and shall lead my students, by example, to become lifelong learners.

As a teacher, I must arouse the students’ interest by inspiring and nurturing their questions.  Questioning is a vital part of learning.  I will provide an atmosphere that will allow the free flowing of information by teaching guidelines for living, to instilling respect and responsibility.  I believe that a positive environment will provide the students limitless opportunities to achieve whatever they choose.  Children that grow to respect themselves will also respect others.

I believe that all subjects are important at the elementary level.  I believe students need training to be able to function in today’s and tomorrow’s world.  A solid foundation in reading, writing, math, social studies, and science will provide the students the stepping stones to a career of their choice.  I will help my students develop the ability to think, problem solve, and make good choices.

Finally, I believe that I can inspire and motivate every child I touch.  I will aspire to make lessons fun, meaningful and educational.  I will teach using the multiple intelligences to touch all students.  

Tamika Townsend

As an educator, I believe that all students can and will learn.  It is important as an educator to cultivate children based on where they are.  It is our duty to assess students and diagnose them individually.  There is no specific way to teach each child.  While we have tools in which to gage where their developmental levels should be at a particular age and stage, each child has their own set of rules buried within that will help them reach their full potential.  As an educator, I believe it is important to tap into those rules and use as a guide to teach and mold that student.  In the classroom environment we are tasked with using each student's make up to create classroom culture and a warm learning environment that can be geared towards each child. This is my biggest and most illuminated belief.  That shows up in my classroom management style, lesson planning, classroom activities, and most of all my interactions with my students.  It is important that each child experiences a loving, consistent, challenging environment.  I believe that since my students spend so much of their time in my classroom, I have a duty to provide a safe environment where they can thrive during that school year. 

Another important factor that I believe is the ability to connect with the family and community.  Children are products of their environment so when they can see the correlation between home, school, and community I believe it produces a greater sense of self, thus increasing what they receive from their learning environments.  What contributes to my success is mainly my ability to be aware and open to what and how I should teach.  Having been an educator for so long, I have seen so many different "waves of education".  I am always open to a better way of doing things. There have been lessons that I could repeat year after year, while some lessons faded away.  Teaching is an ever-evolving profession, and I am constantly looking for ways to improve.  Having a passion is also a major contributor to my success.  I love children, and I love to see them grow.