Fifth Grade

David Domash

I have been teaching since 1998 and I have learned that all students are good and want to succeed. I have to get that out of them.

It is my responsibility and my desire to teach, model and demonstrate procedures in the classroom to maximize student learning. It is crucial that I tell the students exactly what I want them to learn or be able to do – those are the objectives. Finally, students can feel successful if I daily assess (test) with them so that they can be guaranteed not to fall behind.

I am a team player and I will do the best I can to communicate openly and never give up on any child. Students and teachers have good and bad days and I will do my best to make sure 99.9999% of the days are super-fantastic-awesome-great-radical-cool-magnificient.  

Kelly Heider

Middle school students are at a dynamic developmental stage of life. I have been teaching middle level students for twelve years, and it is amazing to witness their overall growth as the year progresses. I strive to expose my students to a variety of learning experiences and to instill a love of the learning process. In addition, students are taught to take accountability for success through goal setting and actively participating in tracking personal mastery of key concepts and skills.

It is very exciting to have become a part of the 21st Century Prep staff. I look forward to a fantastic year with our students and families. Through working as a team, united in shared goals and objectives, we will provide a well-rounded, excellent education for each and every Knight!  

Michele Cox

I am very excited about sharing this year with your child.  This will be a journey for both your child and I.   I have been in the educational field for 18 years teaching in Illinois and substituting in Wisconsin. 

I have a great love for teaching and providing your child with the tools he/she needs to be successful.  A child can only be successful by using those tools to his/her best ability focusing on their strengths and build upon their weaknesses.  I have a strong desire to educate young minds and watch them grow throughout the year.  Since we are together for the entire day, I feel it is important to teach them about life as well.  This will allow them to be successful mentally, physically, and spiritually.  I will try to instill in them responsibility, safety, self-confidence, integrity, honesty, kindness, patience, and respect. 

I believe students deserve teachers who are genuinely enthusiastic, patient, and whom they can count on to be fair and consistent classroom leaders every day. Additionally, I believe students need to experience success often in the classroom in order to develop images of themselves as capable learners. In other words, if a student experiences too many failures they will begin to see themselves as incapable of learning. For this reason, I strive to differentiate my curriculum so that students are working at levels where they will achieve much growth.

I treat my students the way I treat my own children….I expect them to be hard workers and accountable for their actions. Our classroom is a home and we love and treat each other like a family. Are there going to be disagreements and hurt feelings? Absolutely, but how we handle those situations is what will make us successful. I expect my students to work hard, problem solve and ask for help when they need it. Is it hard work and difficult at times? Yes, but we also have fun.